A MAZE OF BEING by Mark McKeown - Sound design and a bit of music!

Mark McKeown/Hyperstation is an artist based in Antrim, Northern Ireland that i've had great fun collaborating with on several of his projects over the years. His latest one just had a nice run as a multi-monitor installation at the Atypical Gallery in Belfast. 

It was an extreme pleasure re-purposing/re-imagining some of my tape collage/looping work into a BBC Electronic Workshop inspired sound design world for A MAZE OF BEING.

Watch it here and check out Mark's work on Vimeo + Instagram!

The mixed-media, cosmic, space-time transcendent animation, A Maze of Being, explores the relationship between consciousness and the power of mythology. It takes as it’s focus the theme of creation/renewal. The inspiration came not from an interest in any particular world myth but rather in the overlapping, cyclic points of connection to be found in many.
Andrew Willis